Since 1949, Building Your Local Economy One House, One Restaurant, Or One Powerline At A Time.


Foreman was founded in 1949 with the goal of simply completing local residential and small commercial wiring jobs.  The growth of the oil industry in West Texas forced Foreman to expand into larger new construction work as it slowly grew and earned the profound brand strength we feel today. Continuing the tradition of executing projects that start with a tenacious estimating department and brand development team, Foreman has officially stamped its place in history as an all-encompassing electrical service contractor.  Passion, drive, execution and employee appreciation are the four factors that drive our management team and owners.  

what we do

Assess       Design        Execute


Intelligent, licensed, certified electricians familiar with all electrical problems.  We determine the optimal outcome for each project, job, or problem and create a pre-job playbook that keeps our success rate at optimal levels.


Applying intricate estimating software, expertise, and problem solving to develop the appropriate plan of action to get in and get out.  The only trace of our existence being clean, dynamic, well functioning electrical outcomes


Achieve the results that our valued customers expect. From 10 sq ft to 100,000 sq ft, every phase and every step will be well planned and performed at a level above our best competition.


We come to work every day with one purpose in mind, creating simple solutions to complex electrical problems.  Whether its sending crews to remote locations to restore or create power, or direct involvement in the improvement of a commercial wiring pattern, Foreman is fascinated with the SOLUTION.